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Summary: Hey users! Are you struggling to convert from OST to PST? If yes, then this article is exclusively for you. In this article, we have shared the best approach to convert OST file to PST. There are many methods available, but we have filtered the easy and simple approach for you to perform the migration. I know sometimes you get stuck in the question “Can I convert an OST file to a PST file?” The answer is yes, you can convert an OST file to a PST easily. Read this article carefully till the end.

What is the Difference Between PST and OST Files?

OST File Format: OST files are binary copies of Exchange Server mailbox folders. These files are generated automatically if the mailbox folder is accessed. The .ost files are synchronized with the server copy of the mailbox whenever the Exchange server is connected. An OST file is an offline copy of an Exchange mailbox. It allows users to work with their mailbox data even when they are not connected to the Exchange server.  When Outlook uses Cached Exchange Mode, it generates an OST file on the user’s computer. This file stores a synchronized copy of the user’s mailbox, enabling them to access emails.

PST File Format: A PST file stands for a personal storage table, and it is a file format used by Microsoft programs. It is used to store items such as contacts, calendar events, and email messages. Also, it helps users access server mailboxes and allows them to create local archives of email folders that exist on server-based email clients. Users can create PST files to archive old emails, free up space on the mail server, or create backups of their mailbox data. PST files are portable and can be moved or imported into many Outlook profiles. By default, PST files are stored on the user’s PC but they can be moved or copied to other locations, such as external hard drives or network storage. Users can manually back up PST files to create a snapshot of their mailbox at a specific time. This is useful for archiving, migrating data to a new system, or restoring data.

Why You Should Convert From OST to PST?

Some of the prominent scenarios are mentioned below that describe why users need to convert .ost files and .pst formats:

  • The first and foremost reason is to backup a few Exchange mailboxes.
  • If an Exchange customer wants to recreate his corrupted OST file, but has some unsaved data in the .ost file then he should convert OST file to PST.
  • When your Exchange account is inaccessible due to corruption. In such case, if you want your emails instantly. 
  • If you want to re-establish the email communication when the Exchange server is down.
  • When migrating from one email client to another, where the target email client doesn’t support OST files. 
  • Or, when your email account has been corrupted and you’re not able to access it. 

If you have ever faced any situation among these, then you should immediately convert OST to PST. There are many methods to convert OST file to PST file. Also, you can migrate with the Exchange profile. 

Manual Method to Convert From OST to PST

Firstly, log into your Outlook account with the Exchange account. Further, follow these given steps for the convert OST to PST file process. 

  • Go to the Files, choose Open & Export, and then click Import & Export
  • Choose Export to a file and click the Next button. 
  • Now, choose Outlook Data File(.pst) and click to the Next
  • Select the folder in which you want to migrate and click the Next button. 
  • Set the location where you want to save the .pst file and select the option according to your preference. 

And done! This was a manual process to successfully convert the OST file to the PST file process. However, these steps look so simple but they demand high technical expertise. Thus, the non-technical person might be stuck in this complex process. Additionally, if you don’t have an Exchange account then you can not convert OST file to PST file format. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this complex process you can go with the best third-party tool available in the market to resolve your problem.

Professional Method to Convert From OST to PST

Use the best online OST to PST Converter Tool. This tool will proficiently convert OST to PST file format. Apart from PST, you can also convert OST files into many distinct file formats and email clients in a few simple steps. Such as you can migrate OST files to Office 365, Gmail, Thunderbird, AOL, IMAP, Zoho, etc. Moreover, it provides advanced features to convert OST files to PST along with maintaining folder hierarchy. Also, users can save email attachments in PDF file format. It is supported by all Windows OS and comes with a free demo version. Follow the mentioned steps to convert OST file to PST file format. 

  • Download OST to PST Converter Tool. Run it as administrator.
  • Choose Single File/Multiple Files and add desired OST files.
  • You see the mailbox preview of the OST file. Tick the desired mailbox items.
  • Now, choose PST as the saving option from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, click on the Convert button to convert OST to PST file.

Hence, you will get the proper outcome if you have carefully followed these mentioned steps.


In this article, we have shared reliable methods to convert OST from PST. The manual method is easy to process but comes with certain limitations. Therefore, we have shared an alternative solution to convert OST file to PST. The method provides 100% accurate results in less time.

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