Expert Advice: Converting Large Numbers of EML Files to MSG Format


In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to quickly and easily convert a large number of EML files to MSG format. For a variety of reasons, a lot of people all around the world find themselves in need of exporting their EML files into MSG format. You can quickly convert.eml to MSG files for both personal and business use by following the instructions provided below.

How Can I Use EML to MSG Converter Software to Convert EML to MSG?

Using a specialized EML to MSG conversion application is the most effective and time-saving way to convert EML files into MSG format. Consider utilizing the DataVare EML to MSG Converter Tool if you want a simple and hassle-free converting method. You can escape the difficulties of manual conversion by using this program. Just import your files, open them in preview, and start the conversion.

There are two versions available: the premium version, which is limitless, and the free version, which has certain restrictions.

Easy Steps to Convert EML to MSG in Bulk:

  • Install the EML Converter Utility after downloading it.
  • Installing the EML Converter Utility is the first step.
  • Examine and see a preview of the data:
  • Navigate to the folder holding your EML files after opening the program.
  • Examine the entire collection of data on the preview screen.
  • Start the conversion process:
  • To start the conversion process, click the “Export” button.
  • Click the radio button labeled “MSG.”.
  • Select “Export.”

Why opt for software to convert EML to MSG?

Being the greatest tool for converting EML to MSG, the EML to MSG converter program has various outstanding features. Among these characteristics are:

  • Attachment Preservation: The program makes sure that email attachments—like pictures—convert to MSG format without changing or malfunctioning.
  • Date Filtering: To convert messages inside a given time frame only, users can provide a range of dates.
  • Outlook Integration: EML messages can be easily imported into Outlook with this feature.
  • Compatibility: Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and other email clients are among the ones from which the program can convert EML files.

Batch Manually Convert EML to MSG Format

Even though it might take a while, you can nevertheless convert individual EML files to MSG format by using the following technique:

Go to the location of the EML file:

  • Go to the folder containing the EML files.
  • Select Open With from the menu by right-clicking.
  • To convert an EML file, right-click on it.
  • From the “Open with” menu, select “Outlook.”

Make use of the ribbon bar:

  • Once the file opens in Outlook, choose the ribbon bar.
  • Choose the Move option.
  • From the options on the ribbon bar, choose “Move.”.

Select the folder to be sent there:

  • Choose “Other Folder” to specify a specific folder.
  • Press “OK.”
  • Save message as MSG
  • Click “File” after going back to the email.
  • Select “Save as.”
  • Emails should be saved in MSG format.

This technique converts EML to MSG in bulk; however, it is not feasible for single files. Each EML file must first be converted to a PST file, which must then be converted to an MSG file. This method is laborious and time-consuming for a large number of files.

Converting EML to MSG Format in Bulk Using Trusted Software

Use specialized software for a problem-unfastened mass conversion of EML documents to MSG layout. With only a few clicks, you can convert several EML files to MSG thanks to these professional applications, which can control the conversion method effectively.

Steer Clear of unfastened online Tool.

Although free internet equipment can seem tempting, it frequently comes with risks. These technologies can put the integrity and protection of your statistics at risk. It’s important to take into account that nothing is sincerely unfastened and that the data in your emails is confidential. If you utilize unfastened online tools, you face the hazard of losing facts and growing security vulnerabilities.

Writer’s Last Remarks

To sum up, there are numerous strategies for bulk converting EML files into PST format. While guide conversion is a preference, it isn’t sensible for large files and takes a lot of time. The use of free online equipment poses risks to information safety. The top-notch direction of motion is to make use of specialized software applications, which include the EML to MSG Converter, as this is the recommended technique. This software’s purchaser-high-quality interface and abundance of useful abilities make it the greatest desire for changing massive volumes of EML to MSG. With a specialized software application, you could expedite the conversion technique while at the same time ensuring the security and integrity of your e-mail records.

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