Easy & Quick Action to Read/Print PST Files to Adobe PDF


Is your computer system filled with a lot of PST files? Are you looking for a way to convert many PST files to PDF files from Adobe using a single step that involves several emails?

Converting PST Files to PDF Manually

Follow the all steps

  • Initially, you can launch Microsoft Office.
  • Then select the File tab from the menu bar
  • At this point, select Save As.
  • Choose the option to save the chosen file in HTML format, and click on the Save button.
  • Open the document in Microsoft Word and select the File menu once more.
  • The final step is to choose PDF from the Save as Type menu and press the Save button.
  • Once this is finished, you can open a PST file with a PDF reader.

Although there is a manual method available as well, it is not advised to use it when exporting PST files to PDF in conjunction with batch email files due to its unpredictability. To see the applicability of this approach, you can attempt the manual method with a few PST files. Most people look for the fastest and safest way to forward all data into PDFs since several technical processes are only completed by experts and because the procedure takes a very long time to complete.

Both technical and non-technical users can simply convert their PST files into PDF files by following the instructions provided by the PST to PDF Converter. Bulk database export from PST to PDF format is secure and validated with this program.

Reliable Process to Merge a PST File as a PDF with an Operational Manual

  • The WholeClear PST to PDF Converter should be downloaded and installed first.
  • You can now load PST files as needed for conversion by selecting the dual section, selecting the File and Folder options, and choosing the file.
  • Next, you can choose whatever files you want to export.
  • Go to the software’s next screen to use the split PDF option and the filter options (date, to, from, subject, etc.).
  • Choose the destination folder to ensure that all converted files are stored at the preferred location on the computer.
  • Select the Convert tab to see the procedure’s current active state.

Those users can use that software application to acquire the solution to how to convert a large number of PST files into a PDF report format. Furthermore, export PST files can be gathered without affecting the employer organization’s files and folders, and the entire process can be understood without the requirement for specialized knowledge.

The strolling tool also works well with every Windows OS version, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and all earlier iterations. Users can also take advantage of batch mode differentia, which makes it possible to convert an unlimited number of excellent email files into PDF format neatly and just once.

When Giving Up,

We have addressed every element that high-quality software should have, allowing anyone utilizing our conversion tool to properly access every area and utilize all of the many options available to them. Using a few test email files in the sample version of the program, you can also test its tactics in real-world scenarios. The whole process can be accomplished using the licensed edition of the PST to PDF Converter.

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