Clarified Process for Exporting MBOX Emails to MS Outlook 2019, 2016


Introduction: This blog is tailored for users seeking to import MBOX files from various email clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Entourage into Outlook. If you’re in search of a solution, stay with us through this blog for valuable insights.

Overview of MBOX Format: Although MBOX files are widely used in over 25 email clients, they do not seamlessly open in MS Outlook. Converting mailboxes becomes essential to importing MBOX emails into Outlook versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, or 2003 in various scenarios. Users often opt for Outlook to streamline tasks and manage work-related requirements more efficiently.

Challenges in Importing MBOX to Outlook:

  • Transitioning data from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook.
  • Transferring MBOX files to Outlook after deleting or removing the Thunderbird account.
  • The intermediary solution facilitates MBOX to PST conversion, a necessary step for importing converted MBOX files into Outlook.

Key points about MS Outlook:

  • Microsoft Outlook doesn’t inherently support MBOX files.
  • There are no built-in options in Outlook for converting and importing MBOX files.
  • Exchange server support.
  • Available in 30+ different languages.
  • First Manual Method: Importing Large MBOX Files into Outlook
  • To manually migrate MBOX files to Outlook PST format, follow these steps:

Importing MBOX Files in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Set up a dummy email account in Thunderbird.
  • Select Add-ons > Extensions under Tools.
  • Search for “import-export,” locate ImportExportTools NG, and add it to Thunderbird.
  • Restart Thunderbird, open the mailbox tab, and import the MBOX file.

Exporting MBOX Emails to EML Format:

  • Using Thunderbird, open the imported MBOX file.
  • Select the desired emails, right-click, and choose “Save As” to save in EML format.

Introducing the Outlook EML Files:

  • Open Outlook and create a new folder for your mailbox.
  • The saved EML files should be placed in this folder.
  • Exporting emails from Outlook to PST:
  • Select Import/Export under File > Open & Export in Outlook.
  • “Export to a file,” “Outlook Data File (.pst),” and “Continue” should be selected.
  • After selecting the EML file folder, enter the export path to finish the process.

Converting MBOX to PST: Manual Methods and Automated Solutions

  • Learning the Manual Process: While the manual technique offers a free way to convert MBOX to PST, it comes with a few boundaries:
  • Time-Consuming Process: The guide system can be time-consuming, mainly at the same time as handling multiple MBOX documents containing several folders. Manually exporting those files to EML format will become tedious and cumbersome.
  • Risk of Data Loss: Converting large MBOX files with loads of emails manually poses a huge danger of data loss.

Inability to Convert Multiple MBOX Files Simultaneously: The manual approach does not support the simultaneous conversion of multiple MBOX files to PST.

  1. Overcoming Restrictions with the Use of an Outside Tool:
  2. The MBOX to PST Conversion Second Manual Method:

An uninterrupted internet connection is necessary in order to use this strategy. The procedures are as follows: first, you link an MBOX-based email client to an online email service; next, you connect Outlook to sync the data.

  • Click on the Less Secure App link to activate it for your Google account.
  • Go to “See all Settings” on your Gmail account, then select the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab. From there, you may enable the IMAP protocol.
  • Set up your Gmail account for IMAP in Thunderbird.
  • Create a new folder in Thunderbird to save certain emails.
  • Use the same Gmail ID to set up Microsoft Outlook after dragging and dropping the emails into the new folder.

Once configured, the emails can be automatically accessed from your Mozilla Thunderbird mailbox in Outlook.

MBOX to PST Conversion: A Professional Method to Export MBOX Emails

Users can use the Best FixVare MBOX to PST Converter, which supports conversion from several email clients, for an in-dependable and automatic solution. Here’s a detailed how-to:

  • Launch the Windows version of the MBOX to PST converter.
  • To choose MBOX files from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, and other programs, click “Add File”.
  • Select the relevant option (Add file, Add folder, or Search file) to load MBOX files.
  • After selecting MBOX files, press the “Export” button.
  • When saving a PST file in the MBOX, MBX, or MBS file format, choose the destination.
  • To begin the exporting process from MBOX to PST format, click the “Export” button.

In conclusion, users can investigate both automatic and manual techniques for converting MBOX data to Outlook PST format. Although the manual techniques are free, the automated solution offers a dependable and practical manner that guarantees data integrity and user friendliness.

Process of Importing MBOX Files into Outlook After Conversion (PST)

  • Click OK to start the MBOX to Outlook (PST) import procedure when the conversion is finished.
  • Best wishes! One or more MBOX files have been successfully converted to PST format.

Importing Every MBOX File Following Conversion into Outlook:

This unified solution efficiently converts a large number of MBOX/MBS files to Outlook PST. It seamlessly loads and converts single or multiple mailboxes in a few simple steps, regardless of their origin.

The entire operation can be executed without installing Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook, or any other program. Data formatting, emails, attachments, and folder hierarchy are all preserved in a new PST file for Outlook.

How to Import a Large MBOX File into an Outlook PST File After Creating One:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook, then choose File from the menubar.
  • To import PST, choose the “Import/Export” tool option.
  • Clicking the Next key after selecting “Import from another program or file”
  • Click Next after selecting “Outlook Data File (.pst).”
  • After selecting the suitable choice by clicking the Browse button, click Next.
  • Bring the PST files in.
  • Clicking the Finish button will bring the procedure to an end.
  • Best wishes! MBOX files have been successfully imported into Outlook.

Closing Words:

We provide a straightforward method that converts MBOX files into PST before importing them into Outlook without any problems, in case customers run into difficulties while trying to import MBOX files into Outlook. This post provides a thorough how-to for importing data without any losses.

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