Migrate OneDrive files to Google Drive – Step by Step Guide


Microsoft offers OneDrive, which is a cloud-based data-storing service. It provides 5 GB of free storage that users can use to save their files in OneDrive. But still, a few users want to know how to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive with all their data. There could be many reasons behind moving from their OneDrive account to Google Drive. A few of them are: sometimes users want to merge all their personal or professional data to an account, move all account data to a paid account, etc.

So, if you want to know the procedure to do this task, this guide will greatly help you. We will share a few methods in this guide to effectively complete this task. Let us start and learn how to do it.

Methods to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive account

Users can do this task with the help of two methods: first is the manual, and another is the professional OneDrive Migration Tool. In the manual method, there are several options that users can use to do this migration process. Here, we will learn two of them to complete this migration process. After that, we will move towards a professional solution and explain the stepwise working.

How can you do this task manually?

We will elaborate on the Download and Upload method and OneDrive Share option to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive with all files. Let us discuss both methods’ stepwise procedure.

Method 1 Download and Upload technique

  • Sign in to your OneDrive account.
  • Then, select the files you want to migrate and click the Download button.
  • After that, you must log in to your Google Drive account to continue.
  • In the Google Drive, click the + New button.
  • Choose the file or folder option from the list to upload the downloaded data.
  • Now, select the folders or files from where you have saved. After that, tap the Upload button.
  • A new wizard will open to ask permission to upload the data; click the Upload button to complete this task.

The above steps will help you to do the OneDrive to Google Drive migration task using the Download and Upload trick.

Method 2 Moving files with the OneDrive Share option

OneDrive has the Share option, which we will use to perform this migration task. So, follow the below steps to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive with all the data.

  • Log in to your OneDrive account and select the data you want to move.
  • Now, click on the Share button.
  • After that, provide the Google Drive account address in the send link on which you want to move the files. Then, tap the Send button to move the files to your Google Drive account.
  • You will get an email with the files shared in the above step on your Gmail. You can access this file from there if you want to see the file or folder data.

These two methods could not be as efficient as users wish they were. Users can take too long to find the selected items to move into a Google Drive account. Moreover, the process can also become lengthy if you want to move various account data to a Google Drive account. So, we suggest users read the next section to learn a hassle-free solution to do this process.

Which is the best method for the OneDrive migration task?

The manual methods can make this process hectic, so users should use the Shoviv OneDrive Migration Tool. This software can migrate various OneDrive files at a time. Moreover, there is no size restriction as well with this professional software. 

Users can also select desired items from the OneDrive account on the folder, file type & size, file extension, and date basis. 

The best thing about the tool is that it can also migrate OneDrive to another OneDrive account. Let us learn how users can use this professional solution to effectively move files from a OneDrive account to Google Drive.

So, how do you migrate OneDrive to Google Drive with it?

  • Install and open the Shoviv OneDrive Migration Tool (Cloud Drive Migrator).
  • Go to the Connect Drives tab and connect with your OneDrive account by providing the required details.
  • Complete the verification process by clicking on the Accept button.
  • After that, you need to click the (+) to connect your Google Drive account.
  • Provide the project name, email address, service account, and P12 path. Tap the Read More to learn how to create a service account and P12 path.
  • Then, move to the Create jobs tab and use the (+) button to create a new one.
  • Give a name to the job, select the Source and the target, and then hit the Next button.
  • Now, you have to map the source users to the target. Click Next to continue.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the filter page. You can filter items as per needs and hit the Next button.
  • You must make the changes per your requirements on the settings page. Choose the Schedule option if you want to schedule this job.
  • Schedule the migration task on the desired date and time. After that, click the OK button.
  • After completing the migration job-creating process, review the settings and make changes by clicking the Back. If you are satisfied with the settings, hit the Finish button.

That is how you can migrate OneDrive to Google Drive files using this process solution. With it, users can easily move their bulk files from their OneDrive account to Google Drive. Also, users will get a few more benefits from using this solution, which helps in achieving the task in a simplified manner.

Wrapping Up

This blog has focused on three methods to move your desired files from your OneDrive account to Google Drive. Among them, the best solution is the Shoviv professional tool to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive with all the data at once. This software has many features to provide users with an easygoing process. Moreover, users can try its free demo version in their system to check other features and capabilities of this software.

Author Name:- Divya Chauhan

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