Tips and Tricks for Exporting Zimbra Mailbox Data for Outlook


Greetings: Are you looking for a reliable way to access your Zimbra database in PST format with ease? No need to search any further! This post provides an introduction to a green Zimbra Converter solution, offering a quick and incredibly easy way to gain access to Zimbra in several Outlook versions. There is a loose method available, but it involves several stages and sophisticated technical aspects. To ensure a simple conversion of TGZ files to PST with all additives, including emails, contacts, briefcases, and calendar entries, our professionals have created a sincere response. Before digging into the step-by-step process, let’s explore the foundations of Outlook and Zimbra and comprehend the reasons behind the conversion from Zimbra to Outlook.

Concerning MS Outlook and Zimbra:

The extensively used open-source email software program Zimbra Desktop is part of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS), which additionally consists of Zimbra Web Client, Zimbra Web Server, and Zimbra Desktop. Zimbra Desktop has been a mainstay for many businesses because of its recognition for efficiently handling user databases, which include calendars, address books, contacts, diaries, and briefcases. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook is becoming increasingly famous as of late.

The sizeable feature set of Microsoft Outlook, a notably used email program, is supporting it and making it increasingly well-known. Outlook is a notable tool for organizing non-public data, together with contacts, calendars, diaries, responsibilities, and e-mail details. Users switching from other email applications to Outlook will discover it to be a tremendously attractive desire because of its user-friendly format. Let’s now study the elements that have an effect on users’ choices to exchange from Zimbra to Outlook.

Reasons for migration:

Both Microsoft Outlook and Zimbra stand out as popular and widely utilized email programs designed for seamless data exchange. In the case of MS Outlook, data is stored in the PST file format, encompassing emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and more. On the other hand, Zimbra Desktop offers an import/export feature allowing users to extract their data, which is then stored in a TGZ zip file. However, attempting to open this TGZ zip file in Outlook can result in an error, as Outlook exclusively favors file extensions like PST. Several other reasons further highlight the rationale for transitioning from Zimbra to Outlook.

While Zimbra is recognized for efficiently managing users’ personal databases, it does come with certain drawbacks, including:

  • Sluggish response rates from Zimbra.
  • Lengthy configuration times for Zimbra.
  • Lack of support for essential properties like bottom post replies, phishing filters, and message reformatting.
  • Tediously slow synchronization processes in Zimbra.

Considering these limitations, it becomes evident why users can find it beneficial to make the switch from Zimbra to Outlook.

The challenges posed by Zimbra’s performance issues are particularly inconvenient for users who prioritize efficiency. Outlook emerges as the optimal solution, addressing all the shortcomings associated with Zimbra Desktop. Experience the benefits for yourself by downloading the Zimbra to Outlook FREE DEMO on any Windows OS version, and discover how effortlessly TGZ files can be accessed in PST.

Zimbra to Outlook: DataVare Zimbra to PST Conversion Software

The DataVare Zimbra to Outlook Converter sticks out as a complex and error-prone answer designed to facilitate the seamless conversion of Zimbra files to Outlook, enabling access to Zimbra databases in PST format. Featuring a person-pleasant GUI, the software ensures ease of use for users of all levels, letting them unexpectedly study TGZ file facts into PST without encountering any difficulties. Before starting the conversion process, it is crucial to understand how to extract TGZ documents from Zimbra.

Now, proceed with the following steps for Zimbra to Outlook conversion using the free demo:  

  • Open the free demo of Zimbra for Outlook on any Windows computer.
  • Click the Select File(s) button, and a window will appear. Choose either the Select File or Select Folder to load the TGZ file.
  • The software will start scanning the TGZ zip file, displaying associated folders with checkboxes on the left side of the software screen. Use checkboxes to select or deselect the desired folders for conversion.
  • Click on the desired folder to view related data in the preview window.
  • Press Export and choose the Export as PST option from the list. Simultaneously, select sub-options for saving the PST file in an advanced manner. Apply filters if you want to access TGZ files from a specific period in PST format.
  • Click Export to initiate the process, concluding with an alert message stating “Conversion completed successfully.”

Last Thoughts,

These steps are straightforward, ensuring that both technical and novice users can easily access Zimbra databases in PST. Take advantage of the free demo, which allows access to the first few files from each TGZ folder to PST at no cost. It’s a valuable resource for software evaluation and analysis purposes.

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