Restoring Your Granite Countertops

Polish Granite Countertops

Sometimes what happen, due to their near indestructibility, granite countertops were chosen for your home, but now that they have been installed, the lovely countertop has been replace with a dull surface.

What happened wrong?

Many natural stone countertops, like granite, are extremely durable and difficult to break or scratch. Although, they can be extremely vulnerable to chemical deterioration like etching and dulling. How To Polish Granite & Restore That Factory Shine you fell in love with if you have made a mistake in your countertop maintenance?

These can be done in many ways:

Easy fix:

If you’re lucky, the dullness of your granite countertops is being cause by soap film buildup. Using dish soap or other soap-based cleaners will cause your counters to acquire a coating, making the surfaces look drab. But there is a simple fix. Purchase a quality soap film remover to bring back the lustre.

Additionally, a dulling buildup on your counters might be brought on by hard water, which has a high mineral content. The majority of soap film removers are effective, but you may also find combo treatments that can get rid of both soap buildup and mineral deposits.

Mid-Range fix:

The tiny etching that gives your granite its gloomy appearance can actually be real. As a result of slight etching brought on by food’s acidic acids or grease stains, your countertops may eventually lose some of its sheen. Maybe a polishing powder is require.

Purchase a polishing powder designed for natural stone countertops. You’ll typically need to mix the powder with water to make a paste. After that, “polish” the problematic areas using a soft cloth. Some products require overnight paste application (mostly for stain removal). Read the instructions carefully and continue with caution because these products can be a little harsh.

Mega Fix

Refinishing may be the only option left if you’ve tried everything else and your granite countertops are still dull. Remember that your countertops’ sheen is a result of the stone’s polish. A finish that has been damage cannot be repaire with cleaning, buffing, or polishing. It will require resurfacing.

Refinishing is best left to experts. Come to us at marble polishing services. We will solve your all granite polishing-related problems.

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