Doable Methods to Import Mac Outlook OLM Emails & Attachments into Gmail


Do you need to convert an OLM file from Mac Outlook to Gmail, or are you wondering how to import an OLM file into a Gmail account? If so, utilize the OLM File Converter Tool, which experts recommend using for anybody wishing to transfer all of the data from their OLM files—including emails, notes, calendars, tasks, contacts, and more—to a Gmail account.

User Inquiry:

“I need to know how to import an OLM file into Gmail,” and I’m searching for an answer. Actually, I want to import a lot of Mac OLM files into the Gmail application. This is so that I can store them in my Gmail account. Despite my extensive Google searches, I have not been able to locate the finest one that will guarantee me a 100% successful conclusion after the transfer procedure is complete. Could you kindly let me know as soon as possible if you know how to load an OLM file into Gmail?

How to Import an OLM File into Your Gmail Account: A Simple and Fast Method

Softaken OLM to PST Converter, which we also used to import our Mac Outlook OLM files to our Gmail account, including all emails, notes, calendars, tasks, contacts, and attachments, is a very useful and trouble-free option that we are offering here in this post. You can import an OLM file to your Gmail account using this third-party program without needing to know any technical details.

Any home user can use Outlook for Mac emails to import them to Gmail and follow the instructions. Additionally, without losing any data, the program allows you to import one or more OLM files to Gmail at once. The program supports all versions of Mac OS and Windows.

Free Version

Before purchasing the program, customers can evaluate its whole functionality using a free trial edition of the utility. The OLM to Gmail Tool allows you to export the first 25 items from any Mac OLM file to a Gmail account for free. After verifying its operation, you must purchase the licensed key in order to import the bulk OLM file database to Gmail at once without any data loss or damage.

In Gmail, how can I import an OLM file? Using the Gmail to OLM Tool

The OLM to Gmail Conversion Tool should first be downloaded, installed, and executed on your Windows computer before being launched on your desktop. Then, to easily solve the problem of “how to import an OLM file into Gmail,” adhere to the following instructions:

  • To add OLM files or folders for the migration process, navigate to the “Select Files” or “Select Folders” choices and select one of them.
  • Once you upload the Mac OLM files, the application will appear in the full list of added directories. You are free to accept or reject it based on your needs.
  • Then, select Gmail as the output option from the “Select Saving Options” drop-down box. Next, provide your Gmail account login details.
  • Lastly, to begin the OLM to Gmail transfer, click the Next button.
  • After the job finishes in a split second, the program will display the message “Conversion Completed Successfully”. Next, click the OK tab to finish the procedure.


The blog post stated above details the most effective method for importing an OLM file into a Gmail account. Importing OLM data into Gmail is a problem-free process. The application has a trouble-free GUI interface and is simple to use. I hope the post clarifies the steps involved in importing an OLM file with complete data into Gmail.

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