Practical Guide to Email Migration from Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2019


These days, converting your files is crucial to prevent data loss or file corruption. It’s extremely simple to convert a single file; however, it might be challenging to merge EML data into PST files. This post will teach us many techniques for converting large quantities of EML files into PST files.

Techniques for Combining Several EML Files into a Single PST

There are two ways to import EML files in bulk into a PST file.

  1. Software Approach Manual Method.
  2. Manually Convert Several EML Files into a Single PST

Windows Live Mail is the other technique, while the first is the drag-and-drop approach. This is an easy-to-follow, no-cost approach.

Method of Drag and Drop

We must consider a few things in this manner before combining EML files with PST. First, download the readily available EML files to your computer. Installing the Outlook email client comes in second. To combine EML files into PST, adhere to the guidelines.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select every EML file by going to the folder where your file is kept.
  • Make a folder in Outlook where you want to keep your file.
  • Grab the files and drag them into the newly formed folder.
  • In the Outlook folder, drop the files.
  • You’ve successfully combined EML files with PST.

Windows Live Mail for Windows

You can only use this approach if your email client is older.

  • Launch both Windows Live Mail and Outlook.
  • Navigate to the file and choose the export email option in Windows Live Mail.
  • Select the email messages by clicking on them. There will be an export option available. Choose Microsoft Exchange as the export format. Press the OK button.
  • An export notice will now show up. Press the OK button.
  • To convert a large number of EML files into a PST file, enable the specified directories and choose the desired files.
  • Click the OK button. That would have been the beginning of your procedure. Press the “Finish” option after the procedure is finished. Your attempt to merge EML files with PST was successful.
  • Only the earlier version uses this procedure; in subsequent versions, drag and drop is utilized. The manual approach is not expensive.

However, it is not the most effective way to combine several EML files into a single PST.

Constraints with the Manual Approach

The disadvantages of manually merging EML files into PST are as follows:

  • One file at a time should be worked on.
  • It takes a lot of time.
  • A few attachments were lost during file conversion. After importing the files, there’s a risk that inline attachments like hyperlinks and photos are either missing or of poor quality.
  • Possibility of human error.
  • Therefore, it is not a good idea to manually convert numerous EML files into a single PST. Its disadvantages outweigh its advantages. There is an additional way to merge EML files into PST.

Utilizing software, combine several EML files into a single PST

Using software is the simplest approach to converting several EML files into a PST. Utilize the FixVare EML to PST Conversion Tool. Both technical and non-technical people can utilize this program. It can be used for free, exactly as with the manual approach.

To combine many EML files into one PST, adhere to the guidelines below.

  • Install the software after downloading it.
  • On the panel’s left side. Choose the EML files you have.
  • View your data by previewing your emails.
  • Press the export button. Choose the export format. pst. Click the export button after choosing any desired location inside your file.
  • Another solution for converting bulk EML files into PST files is EML to PST Converter Software. It functions in the same way as the utility indicated above.

Advantages of FixVare EML to PST Converter Software

The advantages of combining many EML files into one PST are as follows:

  • You can work on several files at once. It makes it easier for us to load several files at once.
  • Less effort and time.
  • Ensure the accuracy of the data.
  • There is no possibility of human mistakes.
  • It works with many email applications, including Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook.

Thus, utilizing software to combine several EML files into a single PST file is preferable to doing it by hand. EML-to-PST file merging is the finest option.

In Nutshell,

In the end, we now recognize the way to combine many EML documents into a single PST. Both techniques are powerful and easy to apply. However, software is the top guide to techniques. Unfortunately, there are more negative aspects than advantages. In the end, changing a large EML file to a PST record is easy and does not require any technical expertise.

Author Name: Kim Namjoon

Author Bio: Kim Namjoon is an enthusiastic writer of web material. He has spent some years working with FixVare Software. As a tech enthusiast, he possesses an impressive understanding of emailing and all of its facets, and he enjoys imparting this knowledge to readers. The nicest thing about his writing is how he manages to combine formal language with a conversational tone.

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