A Comprehensive Guide: How to Backup Thunderbird Emails to Outlook


Summary: Are you looking to find a dependable technique to properly sync your Thunderbird emails with Outlook? You’ve arrived at an amazing location. This article will walk you through a few techniques for effectively resolving those issues.

First of all, the notable open-deliver e-mail client Thunderbird offers several features, which include multi-account management and personalization possibilities. But, considering that Mozilla Corporation stopped making upgrades in 2012, numerous customers are seeking out a way to replace their information with Microsoft Outlook because of its considerable function set and powerful skills.

Reasons to Backup Thunderbird Emails to Outlook:

  • Versatility: Outlook gives a more flexible e-mail consumer
  • Development Scope: Thunderbird’s improvement has ceased, while Outlook continues to adapt.
  • Powerful Options: Outlook offers effective email management options.

Manual Method: Configure a Web Mail Account:

To backup Thunderbird e-mail to Outlook manually, follow the steps:

Enable IMAP in Gmail:

  • Access your Gmail account settings.
  • Navigate to the POP/IMAP Forwarding tab.
  • Choose “Enable IMAP” from the drop-down the menu.

Transfer emails in Thunderbird:

  • Open Thunderbird and visit Tools > Account Settings.
  • Add a brand new report inside the Account Settings menu.
  • Enter your e-mail credentials and click on Continue.
  • Create a new folder in Gmail and switch emails.
  • Verify information synchronization in Gmail.

Set up Outlook to use Gmail:

  • Click New after selecting Account Settings under the File tab.
  • Input your Gmail login details and select Connect.
  • Use Outlook to see Thunderbird mail.

Manual Approach: Drag and Drop:

  • Make use of Outlook’s and Thunderbird’s drag-and-drop features.

Thunderbird data export to an EML file:

  • Create a fresh desktop folder.
  • In Thunderbird, select the emails, then drag and drop them into the folder.
  • There’ll be EML files produced.

In Outlook, import an EML file:

  • Drag and drop EML files into an Outlook mailbox folder.

Drawbacks of Free Methods:

  • Data Corruption: Free methods may result in data corruption.
  • Time Consumption: Operations may take a considerable amount of time.
  • Hierarchy Disruption: Email properties and folder hierarchy can be disrupted.

Expert Solution: Softaken Thunderbird to Outlook PST Converter:

For a reliable and efficient solution, consider using the Softaken Thunderbird to Outlook PST Converter:

Unique Features:

  • Advanced algorithm and user-friendly interface.
  • Automatic detection of Thunderbird profiles
  • Ability to locate data through Thunderbird MBOX files.
  • Preservation of emails and attachments without data loss
  • Integration of data from two Thunderbird profiles in Outlook
  • A preview of all data elements in the interface
  • Customizable export settings for selective email import
  • High transfer rate for speedy Thunderbird to Outlook conversion.

Demo Version:

The unfastened version allows you to export a captured amount of gadgets steady with the folder. There is a certified model that has more prominent advantages.

Closing Words,

In conclusion, techniques for backing up Thunderbird emails to Outlook have been examined in this blog: a flexible manual approach and a highly-priced one that makes use of the Softaken Thunderbird to Outlook PST Converter. Both techniques are practical; however, the manual technique can be more time-consuming and cause multiple errors. The expert technique provides a quick and correct switch while maintaining folder condition and factual probity. Evaluate your options and plans even as you find out which approach specifically satisfies your goals.

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