Supreme Manner to Export/Move IceWarp to Office 365 Migration – 2024


The user can learn how to transfer IceWarp to Office 365 error-free now by reading this article. Several people encountered difficulties completing the activity for a variety of reasons. We have thus described the automatic approach below for the convenience of users. The following problem can be readily solved by people utilizing software:

We’ll supply consumers with the greatest Softaken EML to Office 365 Converter Software, so they won’t have any trouble finishing this task with it. To learn more about the software used to import IceWarp data into an Office 365 account, let’s launch a blog.

User Question: How Do IceWarp Migration Issues with Office 365?

Hello, I handle and share emails with my clients using the IceWarp email program. I now want to move over certain emails from IceWarp to my Office 365 account so I can use them for a business meeting that is taking place abroad. Please show me the clear-cut, uncomplicated way to resolve this problem in a few easy steps.

The Automated Approach for Converting IceWarp Emails to Office 365:

To start, there isn’t a manual way to import IceWarp data into Office 365. But don’t worry; you can simply use the tool shown below to import IceWarp EML File into an Office 365 account. This is only the injection needed to move calendars, tasks, contacts, and other data from IceWarp mailboxes.

Multiple IceWarp imports into Office 365 accounts are possible for users. As a result, both technical and non-technical individuals can readily use it, and the migration procedure won’t take as long to finish. To complete the operation, all you need is the ability to access your Office 365 account.

Install the EML to Office 365 Converter Tool on your Windows computer after downloading it. After that, take the actions listed below to immediately convert IceWarp to an Office 365 account: –

Step-by-Step Guide: Automated Process for IceWarp Emails to an Office 365 Account

The easy and straightforward procedures to move IceWarp into an Office 365 account are shown below. So let’s get things going:

  • Open and use the program on your Windows computer. Press the “Open” button to begin the procedure.
  • Select Desktop Email Clients >> IceWarp Accounts >> Select Folder at this point.
  • Next, add the files and give them a preview before modifying them. After clicking the Export button, choose Office 365 (Email Services) under the Savings choices.
  • Choose where you want to keep all of your files. Next, ensure that the ID and password for your Office 365 account are entered correctly.
  • To begin the transfer process, click the Save button.
  • Hold on till the operation is complete. Your export was successful. To obtain a full preview of the location you have selected, click on the Open folder button.
  • Once the demo edition is to your liking, export just ten things per folder. Upgrade to the Export-All Licensing Edition.

Software for Migrating IceWarp to Office 365 with Standout Features:

  • A Straightforward Method to Move IceWarp to Office 365: With the program, users can transfer emails straight from IceWarp to Office 365. All that is required for a user to transfer IceWarp data directly is to enter all of their Office 365 credentials into the interface.
  • Email Properties Preserved: This method is the most dependable for moving IceWarp emails to Office 365 accounts. Throughout the migration process, the program will maintain email attributes. The user’s Office 365 account has the original copy of the IceWarp mailbox.
  • Extra Features for the Select Migration Process: The program provides a wide range of filtering choices so that you can move only particular objects out of IceWarp. You can choose the required folders at your discretion after choosing the IceWarp user mailbox.
  • Transfer Several User Mailboxes in a Single Process: Many users can convert from IceWarp to an Office 365 identity thanks to the program. Use the Select Folders options to move to additional IceWarp user mailboxes.


In summary, this blog post explains every method for mass IceWarp migration to Office 365. First off, you shouldn’t panic because there isn’t a manual solution. Here is the comprehensive IceWarp to Office 365 migration tool instruction. An easy way to quickly answer consumer inquiries is through an automated solution. The data provided above will assist you in finding the finest program to fix your problems.

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