Troubleshooting Guide: Why Won’t My EML File Open?


Synopsis/Preface: Is the disappointment of not being able to see your EML report weighing heavily on you? You have company now. This guide seeks to unravel the riddle around the widespread issue of EML emails not opening. We’ll identify several causes for this issue and offer practical fixes so you can continue to have uninterrupted access to your important emails and attachments.

Justifications: Why do users want to open EML files?

  • Corrupted EML File: Corruption is one of the main causes of issues with EML file establishment. This can be the consequence of mishandled document transfers, virus infestations, or technical errors. Try fixing the EML report, or remember to use a tool like the EML to PST Converter to transform it into a superior format.
  • Incompatible email client: Changing email providers or utilizing out-of-date versions might cause an incompatibility with the format of an EML report. Make sure your email program can open EML files or convert the file to a compatible format with software such as WholeClear EML to Outlook PST Converter Software.
  • Email client problems: Access to EML files can be impeded if the email itself is missing or damaged. To address capability issues, either reinstall the email client or update to the most recent version.
  • File association error: Document affiliation errors can occasionally prevent EML files from opening. To fix this, manually connect the EML document extension to the appropriate email client. Click the document with a right-click, select “Open With,” and choose the email users you have chosen.
  • File corruption during transfer: Corrupt files might occur when EML emails are recently transferred between devices or networks. To reduce the risk of corruption, make sure the switch technique is reliable and consider compressing the EML report into a ZIP layout.

A Direct Approach to Converting EML Files to the PST Format

If you are non-technical and don’t want any trouble, then use the WholeClear EML to PST Converter Tool. This app can simply export single and multiple EML files to PST format without any data loss. There is no need for users to install other software to convert EML files to PST format. Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and so on are all compatible with the software.

Additionally, the program is compatible with every version of Microsoft Outlook, including Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019. To discover more about this tool’s features and capabilities, download the free demo version.

Steps to use the application:

  • Install the EML to PST Converter after downloading it.
  • Launch the application and choose the EML files or folders that require conversion to PST format.
  • Before the conversion process starts, view every EML file.
  • Select the directory where you wish to store EML files.
  • Choose the PST files.
  • Once all the procedures have been completed, click “Convert Now” to begin converting EML files to Outlook PST format.

Last Thoughts by the Author Pen

In conclusion, it might be difficult to resolve issues with EML emails, especially when important emails or attachments are involved. However, you can overcome these challenging circumstances if you have a grasp of the possible causes of EML report issues and the practical solutions described in this handbook. It’s crucial to routinely backup key files and emails to guard against data loss or damage. The ways you seek to successfully recover access to your EML emails are the focus of this essay.

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